service & repair FAQs

When do I ask for the service and repair division vs the remodel division?
If a job requires a set of plans and permit, it is typically a remodel job. If it does not, we classify it as a service and repair job.
Who is the ideal client for the service and repair division?
Clients, who are a good fit, desire high quality with excellent communication.
How do I know what the project will cost?
A Service and Repair team member will come and speak with you on your needs. We will then put together an estimate based on scope of work requested.
Are there any jobs that are too small for the Service and Repair Division?
We pride ourselves on taking care of any issue that might arise with your home. There is no job too small that we are not willing to handle.
Why should we use the Service and Repair Division over a regular handy man?
Your home is where you spend most of your time. You deserve to have jobs done right the first time. We have vast amounts of experience working on homes. Most of the suppliers we use for the small jobs are the same ones who completed work on our larger jobs. You can take advantage of our volume pricing. You end up paying about the same price but get someone else to manage the process.
Do you repair homes after a major storm or other disaster?
Yes. We do not have a 24 hour repair team, but we have put many homes back together after a disaster has occurred.