Renovation FAQs

We have a home which we love, but it is outdated. How can Wolfe Homes help us?

Our remodeling division will be glad to sit down with you and discuss the enhancements you would like to make to your home. We will coordinate architectural drawings. Once changes are approved, we will present you with a proposal enumerating costs. When you give us the go-ahead, we start the work on making your existing home the home of your dreams.

What sets Wolfe apart from other renovation firms?

There are a number of firms that build additions, but very few make them look like more than an afterthought. That’s the difference between remodeling and doing truly fine renovations. We’re able to successfully integrate modern amenities into the past character of your home, so that it looks like it was always meant to be that way.

What’s the biggest difference between renovations and new construction?

Doing renovations is dramatically different from doing new construction. You’re more intimately involved because you’re working in someone else’s home. So we have a project superintendent there to answer questions, oversee deliveries, solve problems, make sure the cat doesn’t get out, walk the dog – whatever needs to be done.

How does Wolfe distinguish between Remodel projects and Service / Repair projects?

Anything that requires a permit and inspections is typically handled through the Remodel Division.

How do you begin a renovation project?

We start the process by asking homeowners lots of questions, and really listen to what they want. The first couple of meetings reveal a lot. Are we the right personality for each other? Are we the right builder for your project? From the beginning, there has to be a high level of trust between both parties in order to move forward. That’s crucial to the success of the relationship of the project.

How do we get started with designing the remodel of our dreams?

Wolfe Homes works with a number of residential architects in the Triad area. We will be glad to suggest one who will best meet your needs. We’ll meet with you and the architect to develop design and budget criteria. Wolfe Homes monitors the development of the custom design to make sure all design and budget criteria are met. If small changes are being made to an existing plan, their cost will be included within the cost of the construction contract. If the design is from scratch, then we use a separate design agreement between Wolfe Homes and you as the client. This design is then yours, for your use in contracting the home.

Certain aspects of our future remodeled home are more important than others. How can we make sure that our needs are met?

At Wolfe Homes, the design development phase can vary anywhere from one to several months. During this time, numerous meetings are held between the architect, interior designer (if one is involved), and the Wolfe Homes sales team. We focus on those areas of design and budget development that are most important to you. For example, if extensive design and quotation work is required to develop your comfort with the kitchen/appliance design, then time and the necessary coordination will be given to this area of your need. Wolfe Homes makes extensive use of pre-selections and quotations to establish your trust and comfort level in the many components which make up your home.

How and when do I make final selections for the components and finishes which become part of my home?

Wolfe Homes has developed a schedule for client selections, which is tied to certain stages or milestones of the actual construction schedule for your home. This way, your efforts are maximized in evaluating and selecting the best components for your home, and seamlessly integrating them into the construction of your home. Wolfe Homes makes extensive use of the numerous showrooms, samples, and catalogs provided by manufacturers and their vendors who are a part of our team.

What happens if I want to make changes during the course of construction?

One of the purposes for a standard schedule of client selections is to anticipate and provide an opportunity for client review and changes. This minimizes the potential impact of delays as a result of any last-minute changes. Of course, changes can take place anytime, but their cost can be minimized by up-front preparation. Depending on your type of contract, Wolfe Homes may require payment before changes are made. At any rate, whether changes are pre-paid of paid by monthly progress payments by your lender, Wolfe Homes will provide and review our change clause in your particular contract before execution.

How can I monitor the progress of the renovation of our home?

Your Wolfe Homes Project Manager will keep you informed through regularly scheduled selection and progress meetings. These meetings are an effective means to keep you informed throughout the construction process. Whether the meetings take place at our office, a vendor’s showroom, or at your construction site, we at Wolfe Homes recognize the importance of your participation to achieving total customer satisfaction.

Where does the quality come from?

Doing renovations, we see some great original construction, and some not so great construction. We’ve learned a lot from what works in the past, we avoid things that haven’t worked. Techniques and materials are constantly improving, and we use those innovations to assure the best possible quality.

Renovations and remodeling begin with design, and we’re good at designing exteriors and interiors that enhance the look and live-ability of the home.

At Wolfe Homes we build relationships. And through the process we wear many hats, ranging from artists, to creator, to analyst, to marriage counselor, to coach. Again, it’s all about listening, being honest, and making your dreams come true.